About Us

Who we are:


Bremara Power Inc is an Alberta based corporation specializing in Alternative energy, EPC, distribution, 

automation and controls. Our facility is fully certified and capable to handle all of your needs.

Bremara Power Inc head office operates out of St Albert, Alberta with and has an off-site fully functional shop 

capable of handling all Storage, manufacturing and maintenance work that customers require. We are capable of 

handling projects worldwide with our Certified Engineers, Projects Managers, staff and strategic partnerships 

with reputable manufacturers and distribution corporations.

These strategic principles allow our company to provide outstanding customer service by focusing on 

decreasing downtime and optimizing efficiency and cost savings. Specializing in Alternative energy, 

distribution, automation and controls. 

Project development


Bremara Power Inc's strategies follow all critical steps from initial stages and designing to final calibration and 

commissioning of the Utility facilities. As all projects have their own unique technology, and or precise 

engineering and construction, we prove ourselves on the Job at hand. We have completed numerous projects 

internationally with a great track record of expedited timelines, while strengthening current client relationships.

Our experienced in-house staff design engineers to the key individuals who are controlling all schedules and 

timelines for industry leading results. While controlling all sub contractors by streamlining processes. Bremara 

Power will continue to evolve in all divisions, while growing in all countries internationally

Next level Innovation


Bremara Power Inc key strategies are to heavily pursue new technology in regards to Alternative Energy. We 

strive to provide industry first integration and then follow up with industry leading service programs.

Bremara Power will continue to rise above the competition with new innovative products and services.