EPC Consulting


Bremara is tried tested and proven with providing EPC support internationally the energy sector. With our wide range of knowledge and experience we have had been able to perform at industry leading levels which have allowed us to propel in the industry, and expand our clientele base throughout the years.

Business Coaching


Bremara has multiple employees which are certified business coaches. These coaches can address potential hurdles in your corporation, then counteract those concerns by presenting options to regain control. Our structures are based on tried and tested solutions, which have shown us success with most clients. In a typical scenario our clients have seen high % profits while controlling gross revenue, or controlling growth to allow additional sales.

Research & Development


Bremara has multiple Engineers and experienced technicians which have traveled internationally to assist with up and coming technologies. We have the patience and the knowledge  to get the technology to the next level.

Financial Lending


Bremara is always looking for attractive investments. We base our lending stratigies in multiple areas which consist of Power Generation, Waste to Energy/Ethanol, and disruptive technologies. 

Project Financing


With the assistance of Bremara's successful years of growth through the last 5 years, we have built multiple strong relationships with multiple lending arms for larger projects. We are very happy to provide assistance to connect all parties for efficient initial communications. 

Electrical Services


Bremara is happy to provide electrical services in Edmonton Alberta Canada, and surrounding areas, while ready willing and able to provide assistance throughout North America.